Fitness at Durker Roods

No overnight stay is complete without the option to keep active and burn off some steam before a long day of rest and recuperation. Durker Roods’ fitness centre contains state-of-the-art equipment – including cardiovascular machines and free weights – to ensure you can continue your workout schedule seamlessly while staying with us.

Make your rejuvenating retreat that much more effective by making use of our extensive fitness facilities. Finely decorated throughout to encourage calm, focus, and serenity, our fitness centre encourages the best from your performance and makes the perfect beginning or end to a tranquil day.

Our professional spa treatments will be even more effective if your muscles are properly warmed up. So why not start your day with a light workout session?

We’ve designed the fitness space to be welcoming to all levels of experience; whether you’re an avid gym-goer or a first-timer, the facilities are approachable and user friendly. Regularly cleaned and maintained, with ambient lighting and space for more slow-paced activities such as yoga or meditation, we’ve created a versatile space to fulfil your everyday needs.

With extended hours to accommodate the early risers or any late-night movers, our fitness centre is ready and available whenever you need it. All members can make use of our fitness facilities. And we ensure there’s always a supply of luxurious towels and chilled water on-hand to maximise your comfort and productivity while using the facilities.